Hard Surface Repair Kit

Can this be used on a kitchen countertop?

The Hard Surface Repair Kit can be used to fill the seam, however if the countertop is separating, it isn't going to bond the two parts together. If the gap continues to open, you may need to apply another repair in the future.

Will this work on a bath ceramic tile floor?

The Acrylic Putty Surface Repair Kit can repair ceramic tile flooring. The pigments in each Mix2Match Repair Kit can be used as a touch up paint in cracks or crevasses, however you will need to make sure to add in the lacquer to your tint mixture instead of the putty. Depending on how deep the scratch is, the mixture may not hold up on surface scratches on polished surfaces.

Can this be used to fill small seam gaps between vinyl tiles?

The Hard Surface Repair Kit is a great solution to fill gaps, chips, and deep scratches, however it will not prevent gaps or separation from continuing. Also, it will not fill spaces much smaller than 1/16", so vinyl seams are not likely suitable.

Will this patch survive being submerged on a hot tub acrylic shell?

Unfortunately, the Hard Surface Repair Kit is not intended for use in high water areas such as shower floors, water-line or below on tubs, spas or pools, or outdoor products that may be exposed to the elements.

Will this work to repair a kitchen granite countertop seam that is separating?

The Hard Surface Repair Kit can be used to fill the seam, however if the countertop is separating, it isn't going to bond the two parts together. If the gap continues to open, you may need to apply another repair in the future.


Do you mix the color into the filler putty? Or do you fill the chip and use the mixed paint to color it?

You mix the color into the putty. However if you are filling a deep hole you can pre-fill the hole with putty and then cover the top portion with a putty tint mixture.

Will this adhere to porcelain tile?

The Mix2Match TileFix Kit is a great solution for porcelain tile repair when filling cracks and chips with the putty and tint mixture. To ‘paint’ the white edges you could use the lacquer and tints included, however this has not been heavily tested. There are a few variables that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the durability of this type of repair, such as, the traffic level where the repair is located and the depth of the repair. If you need further information, feel free to contact us at 1-888-277-FLOR.

Once Dry, is this hard like stone?

The Mix2Match TileFix will dry hard, and durable once the repair is allowed to cure. But we would not go so far as to say it is as hard as stone.

Can this be used on limestone to fill in a crack?

The Mix2Match TileFix is a great solution for a limestone repair, however it is not manufactured to be used as an adhesive so it won't prevent the crack from spreading further.

Can this item be used to fix a quartz counter top?

The Mix2Match TileFix is a great solution for a quartz counter top repair.

What's the difference between product FL49103CF and the similar product FL49113AZ?

They both are going to be similar Mix2Match TileFix, however they have been improved over time. The FL94113AZ is one of the newest generations and will have the most recent formulas and better instuctions when it comes to your tile repair.

Does this work on granite?

Yes, the Mix2Match TileFix will work on granite.

Will it match white bathroom tile? Does this product have a matte or gloss finish?

Included in the Mix2Match TileFix is a white putty, as well as a white pigment. Depending on how bright you need your white to be, our putty is less than a pure white, but our white tint is pretty bright. You can add white pigment drops directly to the putty and mix to better match the white of your tile. However the putty may show as slightly off-white on some tiles that are pure, bright white. Also, the TileFix will come with a lacquer that is used in the final steps of your repair. It will give the repair a slight gloss and become glossier the more it is applied. If you are looking for a satin or matte finish you may need to find a clear coat with a matte or satin finish at your local home improvement store.

Does it have beige color? Can you get a dark grey color from this kit?

The Mix2Match TileFix includes multiple pigments which would be able to cover various shades of beige and has multiple formulas included in the instructions for various shades of dark gray or beige. If these shades aren't dark enough for you, you may have to add more drops of the darker pigments.

Has anyone tried this on a marble countertop?

Mix2Match TileFix works great for marble countertop repairs. It has the ability to create the same marbling pattern as your marble surface in a durable repair.

Would this work to fill holes in travertine tile?

The Mix2Match TileFix will work on travertine tile, but depending on the gloss of your natural stone you may need to touch-up the lacquer with a coat of something with a higher or lower gloss to better match your flooring repair.


Can this be used on Vinyl plank floors?

Mix2Match VinylFix can be used on any vinyl or LVT for chips, gouges, gaps or deep scratches.

Can this product be used on linoleum floors?

Yes, Mix2Match VinylFix can be used on linoleum floors.

Can this product be used effectively to patch gaps/separation or is it more of scratches and cosmetic repair?

Mix2Match VinlyFix is a great solution to fill gaps, chips, and deep scratches, however it will not prevent gaps or separation from continuing.

Can you use this on a tear the size of a quarter (a "V" shape) if the vinyl is still there?

Yes, you can use the Mix2Match VinylFix. There are 2 options: One is to apply a vinyl adhesive to the floor and flap (“V” shape tear) to glue the flap flat with the flooring. Then patch the gaps in the tear. If the above cannot be done, try cutting the flap out and filling the whole area following the methods for matching and graining in the instructions.

Does it have grey color scheme?

Black and white pigments are included in the kit; with this you can make grey. A single drop of the black pigment goes a long way, to achieve lighter greys add small amounts of black at a time.

Can it be used just as a touch up paint on the tiles? Once touched up or painted how long does it last?

For tile repairs we suggest using Mix2Match TileFix. The pigments in each Mix2Match Repair Kit can be used as a touch up paint in cracks and crevasses, however you will need to make sure to add in the lacquer to your tint mixture. The pigments by themselves will not stand up to surface traffic. How long the repair will last is dependent on many factors, including the traffic level of the area and on whether the repair is slightly recessed or not. However we have found repairs to last many years with normal wear and tear.


How big of an area can this kit repair?

How much this kit can repair is dependent on the length, width, and depth of the damage. The damaged area will need to be deep enough for putty to stick to. While there is enough putty in one tube to do about a 5"x4" repair (at minimum 1/16" deep), we don't recommend much larger than an inch by an inch. This is because it becomes difficult to disguise a repair bigger than that. The pigments are enough for multiple repairs as they are highly pigmented. Should you require more putty, please contact us at CalFlor.

Does this work on chips on a tile floor?

We suggest you use Mix2Match TileFix to repair chips on a tile floor.



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