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Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing.jpg

Aluminum fencing is durable, strong, light and versatile and combines the features you want with those you need. Culminating in a product that is reliable, beautiful and will last for years to come. As far as fencing in Northeast Florida goes, aluminum is quickly becoming the product of choice. Aluminum is not a ferrous metal meaning it won’t rust or deteriorate under Florida humidity like iron fencing often does. Plus our aluminum fences, gates, and railings are manufactured carefully with protective coatings and paint that won’t peel.

Aluminum is also easy to work with, allowing you to avoid gaps at the bottom of your fence when faced with terrain which inclines. Aluminum fences are one of the lowest maintenance fences available. There will be no need to repaint down the road, and if repairs are needed they are usually simple, quick and easy to handle. Aluminum fencing’s ease of installation also makes it more affordable and easier to find. So if you are looking to stay within a limited budget, this could be the perfect option for you.

Give us a call at (904) 641-1200 today for the service that so many satisfied customers in Northeast Florida trust.
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